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I have come to realize, increasingly, these things can all get you misunderstood, can be misread and the intention or message can be meant one way and be taken completely a different way.

Written word, via text, blog, email, posts can all be taken the wrong way.

I try so hard to make sure I say things in a way that is understood for what it is.

But it seems, some can take a post, text, email, just written word in general to mean something, that it wasn’t.

They can feel, something you have written about yourself and your feelings, was aimed at them or as a result of their actions, when it never was.

Just due to the timing of things.

Maybe I shouldn’t hide my downward spirals for so long and this might hopefully be avoided.

I find, talking in person or on the phone, is a lot more of a reliable method of communication, where it is less likely things can be taken the wrong way. Though, things still can be taken the wrong way on occasion.

Because, people don’t know what you are thinking when you write an email, post or text and don’t always see it for what it is.

I am learning increasingly, that people don’t get me, like I thought they did and that, I may think they understand what I am communicating and then realize they have not and they’ve taken it the wrong way.

Though, in saying that, some people do get me and what I’m saying. So don’t feel disheartened.

It’s hard when you live in your own world and have your own understanding and view of the world. Have your own perspective and you forget, no matter how hard you try and explain some things, they will never be seen your way and from your perspective by all. As others have a different perspective, different experience of the world and different understanding of things.

You think, I say it, they get it. Yeah, nah, apparently not always.

Misunderstandings. Never fun!

Not everyone misunderstands you or I, but some will. How to get around this, I have no idea.

Seems I have offended people at a few points and come to realize this later. Seems I have made some people feel to blame for things, which they weren’t, due to the timing of things.

We do need to try and remember, we are responsible for our own feelings and our response to things.

Though it is easy to blame others.

I know I am responsible for my reaction to things and my own feelings. That is all on me.

Sometimes, all this happens. You get misunderstood over and over again and feel like, fuck it, just fuck it! I give up. Why bother?!

Why bother? Cause it’s not ALWAYS like this. But sometimes it is. But that is unfortunately life. No matter how much that sux.

Today I have been an emotional mess. But that is because it’s the 32nd Anniversary of my Dad’s death. So I can be forgiven for crying most of the day.

Anything and everything is setting me off. So annoying! But these feeling are there and need to be felt, not ignored.

Feelings, emotions, they are all there for a reason. All serve a purpose. So I feel, they shouldn’t be ignored and you shouldn’t try and distract yourself from them. As, you’ll likely suffer for longer then you need to.

Just it can be damn frustrating when you can’t work out the source or reason behind them. But eventually you do. It’s like you get this sudden clarity. Or as Dr Phil likes to say an ‘a-ha’ moment.

I know it drives me mad when I am feel a certain way and I can’t put my finger on the cause. I feel like I must know and when I don’t, I get annoyed.

As I figure, once I know the cause or trigger I can work through it or overcome it.

I am so hoping I don’t go through another extremely long(in my opinion) period of depression like this again. Though, that is always a possibility with depression.

Like 6 weeks. I was like, are you kidding me?! It usually last 2-3 weeks. Though it has lasted about this long at least 1 other time this year.

That’s all I think. Might go eat some breakfast.