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…um, yeah…so….

I have offended some people, as a result of my now deleted thread.

That was so not my intention. But I do understand how they may have taken things the way in which they have. Even though I tried my hardest to be considerate and tried my best…at times to word things appropriately. People still got hurt.

I guess, at the end of the day, I am not them, I can’t possibly predict how my words could be taken by others.

The fact is, perception, a big important thing. Is not acknowledged. We all live in ‘this’ world, but we do not all perceive the happenings in the same way. PERCEPTION…. very relevant thing. But we do not often realize, that ours(perception) is not the same as others. So we can not predict the possible outcome of expressing our observation/perception, on others.

So, while we try our best to be considerate and sensitive, we may indirectly offend. And, possibly, unfortunately(all depends on your perception), shit happens, people get hurt, or offended and though, not our intention, this just happens.

I am hoping I am making sense.

…sorry, have a few beers in me. My point is, you don’t need to be offended and it is your choice how it affects you. As at the end of the day, you control you, your feelings and reactions, not me.

So don’t even dare try and blame me for how you feel as a reaction. As, it is our choice, to react, or not. We at the end of the day, do control how we react. Even if we think we are out of control and own no control. Fact is, we do have much more control and ownership then we choose to acknowledge.

…think about that….

As now, at least one person has resorted to attacking me personally.

They all insist, it was about me, the post, when it wasn’t! They don’t seem to know how to read, clearly, as I said many times, it is not at all about me! I’m just pissed off that my friends get hurt and was voicing an opinion on behalf of them.

Gotta love good old parenting forums! Where a comment can turn into this big drama and people start getting nasty. Ok, not people, one person. But really, there’s no need to say I need to go back on my meds and get the fuck over it. Or say I’m delusional. But what can be expected, they only know me online, not in real life.

Yeah, I’m not cool with being attacked directly. But I’m so over people saying it’s about me!


Right, got that off my chest, now I’m ganna built a bridge and get the fuck over it.

Simply some people have ‘researched’ something or read a lot on a subject and the think because of this, what they are stating is FACT.

The thing is, all babies ARE different and just because some people think a sudden stopping of breastfeeding is a ‘nursing strike’, doesn’t mean this is FACT in all cases.

I believe, what may start as a ‘nursing strike’ can turn into a toddler or baby self-weaning.

To be honest, I am feeling rather judged by some on an online parenting forum, regarding the fact that Annabelle is self-weaning, some women are convinced they are 100% correct and that she is just having a ‘nursing strike’ and not weaning. Their posts lead me to believe they think I am using this as an excuse to wean. Which is not at all true! I am happy as to keep breastfeeding, but Annabelle isn’t keen. Any time she expresses interest I offer her a fed and she’s just not keen. I think she prefers the lesser effort of formula, milk or water and I think it’s an independence thing. She is very grown up for her age.

Just had to vent, as certain people were pissing me off with their closed-mindedness.

So, on ohbaby, I once made a thread about cliquiness and social cliques, which so many were quick to say, was non-existent on that site. By the way, no offence to fellow ohbaby members. It’s not directed at those of you who read my blog, you’re all lovely!

I was at an ohbaby meet up today and I thought, I’ll just be open and friendly and if there are any cliques between people there or dislikes towards me, I’ll observe it and say nothing.

So, unfortunately, there was some cliques going on there. Or maybe just people who get on better. Sux that a couple aren’t keen on me as a person, being I started the meet up group. But I tried to talk to and interact with all the ladies there and it became apparent, at least of them have an issue with me. As they barely exchanged more then 1 word with me. So glad I brought my friend along, so I didn’t feel left out. I wasn’t leaving myself out, I was trying to interact as much as I could, while chasing Annabelle around and keeping Sophie happy. The majority there were fine, just 2 of them weren’t keen on me. It’s a bit sad, but really, it is their loss, not mine. I am proud of who I am and my personality and I know I am not one bit clique, I am completely open to everyone and friendly, kind, caring and an overall nice person. I’m not vain, I just know that I am decent.

Anyway, thankx to all of you who are my friends and whom I know and whom accept me, as I so appreciate you all for that 🙂

That’s all. Have a great day!