Yeah so, I’m back again, posting.  This time to have a moan.

I’m so jealous of slim women!

Especially those women, with a pretty face, flawless and assets in all the right areas, who look perfect all the time and in anything they wear.

Like regarding me, when I look down, it doesn’t look so bad and in the mirror it looks ok, but I think my mirror is magical… When I have a picture taken and see myself, I’m disgusted!  I just think, urgh!  Do I really look like that?!  Then start feel all down.

I keep telling myself, yeah I could get slim again, I just need to exercise and eat right.  But then I totally lack motivation and decide, nah that’s too much like hard work.

I hate how some women have a perfect preggy body and then pop out a baby and go back to looking perfect again, week later and what’s worse, is people who have had 3 kids and are back to perfection again!  ARGH!!!

Oh, and then there’s those damn magazines, with all those slim celebrities!  Some of them are too slim though.  I don’t aspire to be like them.

I would like to fit into all my old clothes  :*(

But sadly I am over-weight for my height and 2 sizes bigger.

Doesn’t help when my partner reminds me how good I looked when I was slimmer.  Yeah thankx Braiden!  Makes me feel real good!  NOT!!!  Or when he jokes about my wobbly bits.  MEN!!!!

I dunno.  I want to be slim, but I don’t want to put in the effort that gets me there.  I have so much weight to lose and I want it gone NOW!


When I used to be slim…

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