Category: Misconceptions

I was just reading this and watching the video attached to this and definitely found a lot of the video very true and relatable.

I really appreciate articles like this that help explain BPD to others as well as myself. It makes me feel less alone and a sense of normality and comfort 

It is always an eye opening thing when it comes to some of the opinions/perceptions of people who think they know me.  Which goes to show clearly they do not know me really if they have these ideas/opinions about me.

According to at least 3 family members, they seem to think that I have struggled financially my whole adult life.  And what brings them to this conclusion or as they view, observation.  Well simply it is observed by them, that if you do not have ‘assets’ to show for your many adult years, then clearly you are struggling, since you have nothing to show for yourself.

The thing is, some people, dare I say it, actually are not materialistic and do not care for having much in the way of material possessions.  So this should not automatically mean that the assumption is jumped to, that you are lacking or struggling due to this perception of others.

Yes I like nice things.  But when it comes to spending money, I would rather have clothes I like over material possessions, such as the latest and greatest technology, decor and/or furniture.  And being the Mum that I am, I often buy my children things over myself.  So if we were re-framing what an asset is in my household and we turn our attention to what my children have, I have A LOT of assets.  As I have always preferred buying my children nice things over anything else.

And who is to say, just because our furniture is not brand new, that it is any less decent.  We have an awesome 3 seater Laz-i-boy lounge suite.  Which only cost us $80, but that was a massive bargain considering what they are worth.  And we own the most awesome TV cabinet, which retails at nearly $900, yet we got it for a bargain $26 on Trade Me, from a $1 reserve, because it was a display model.  We have a LED, LCD 32″ TV, which is very nice.  So we do have plenty of nice things.  We are just not caught up on having the latest and greatest of everything and we prefer to be frugal.  I consider being this way a great trait to have.  And I am glad I grew up having an appreciation for pre-loved goods.

The reality is, yes when I was a teenager and a young adult, I was pretty irresponsible and quite immature and not the best with money, but I was not in debt.  And when I did get in too much debt, I sought budget advice and got myself sorted out.  The only time we were struggling significantly was once my fiance had to resign from his job last year.  But we always got by and always had what we needed.  Having your needs met is of higher importance then having all your wants.

Anyway, that is what I wanted to get off my chest today.  I have not had many opportunities to blog with the lack of internet at home.  But I have had much more spare time to actually do creative things with and for my children.

My oldest daughter moves down tomorrow which is super exciting!

I got my tubal ligation(tubes tied) on Wednesday.  I am recovering pretty well from that I think.  I managed to keep any anxiety or worry at bay, awaiting the procedure on Wednesday by reading a book that required a lot of concentration.  So I am quite proud of myself for managing that so well.

I have got through most of the books I have had out from the library lately.  I got a few Origami ones.  I really have a hard time following them though.  So I have not succeeded with making anything yet.  Maybe I will give it a try again later.

Well that is all for now.  I will blog again soon I hope.  Thanks for reading.