So, on ohbaby, I once made a thread about cliquiness and social cliques, which so many were quick to say, was non-existent on that site. By the way, no offence to fellow ohbaby members. It’s not directed at those of you who read my blog, you’re all lovely!

I was at an ohbaby meet up today and I thought, I’ll just be open and friendly and if there are any cliques between people there or dislikes towards me, I’ll observe it and say nothing.

So, unfortunately, there was some cliques going on there. Or maybe just people who get on better. Sux that a couple aren’t keen on me as a person, being I started the meet up group. But I tried to talk to and interact with all the ladies there and it became apparent, at least of them have an issue with me. As they barely exchanged more then 1 word with me. So glad I brought my friend along, so I didn’t feel left out. I wasn’t leaving myself out, I was trying to interact as much as I could, while chasing Annabelle around and keeping Sophie happy. The majority there were fine, just 2 of them weren’t keen on me. It’s a bit sad, but really, it is their loss, not mine. I am proud of who I am and my personality and I know I am not one bit clique, I am completely open to everyone and friendly, kind, caring and an overall nice person. I’m not vain, I just know that I am decent.

Anyway, thankx to all of you who are my friends and whom I know and whom accept me, as I so appreciate you all for that 🙂

That’s all. Have a great day!