I’m sure by now many of you will be familiar with the very recent MH17 disaster.

This tragedy has effected so many countries, families and friends. It should never have happened.

I feel immense sadness and grief for the families and friends of those who lost their lives on that flight.

A kiwi women has lost the love of her life, her husband and their 2 young sons have lost their Dad. It is cruel how such a young family has been torn apart. Early 30’s is far too young to become a widow and solo parent. My heart goes out to this family especially, but also the many more effected by this disaster.

Who would have ever fathomed that their flight home or elsewhere would end so tragically.

When I heard about the young man, British born, long term resident of New Zealand and the possibility of him being on that flight. Like his family, I was hoping he had missed that flight and would arrive back in New Zealand safe and sound. And when it was later confirmed he was in fact on that flight and had lost his life, I did not want to accept or believe it. Every time I see the photo of him and his wife in the media I want to cry.

They were such a perfect couple. They changed each others life for the better. And he was a loving and nurturing parent to their 2 sons.

My heart aches for his wife, sons and family.

I find myself asking why life must be so cruel.

Who knows why the plane was shot down and whether it was intentional.

The fact remains, that it was a selfish act, with far reaching consequences.

I was absolutely disgusted to read of how the crash site had been looted and even possibly the deceased bodies and their belongings had been taken by these looters. What kind of people do that?!

I also feel for the families of the victims who have been hounded by the media and how much information has been shared. Some without permission. I feel this isn’t overly fair on the grieving family. I feel they need their privacy, as much as is possible, at this time.

I can not even start to imagine the hell they are going through right now.

I hope the bodies of their loved ones are not in a horrific state themselves.

It is so sad how many people have lost their lives this year alone, in such tragic circumstances.

I hope all the families and friends have great supports around them. As this can not be an easy thing to move on from.

My thoughts are prayers are with them all and my heart aches for them.