Well, that can mean 2 things when in comes to me. Either I’m referring to my age or the tablets called 30 Plus.

Well, for one thing. I’ve found since I’ve come into my 30’s, emotionally and hormonal wise, things have gone a bit nut’s.

I mean, I know I’ve always been emotional, but it’s gotten way worse since I turned 30. And hormone wise, they’ve gone pretty nut’s too. Which seemed to mean, PMS becoming quite a problem with me.

I don’t know if that was the turning 30, that made PMS mood swings get worse or having another baby. Or the combination of the 2.

So, I feel I’ve definitely grown up and become my own person since turning 30. But being 30 + seems to have it’s draw backs that’s for sure.

I wonder if it’s just part of growing up and discovering the ‘real me’ and maturity just forcing me to deal with stuff which I’ve formally tried my best to ignore.

I know hormone wise, 30 is not a fun age. Gosh! How much worse is menopause likely to be then?! If I’m like this now. I dread the thought!

Being 30 + is obviously a significant age then, for a women, if they actually formulate supplements for women who are 30 +

I don’t know what’s worse, being a teenager with all sorts going on hormone wise or being 30 +

Being a women is a blessing for sure. But it certainly has it’s negatives. I used to wish I was born a male. As I so hated a lot of the crap that is just part of being a female, growing up.

Yeah, so, that’s my thoughts on being 30 +