Well, the 30 Plus tablets have started to kick in, so that’s great!

Yeah still a bit sensitive, but that’s just to do with that women’s issue that comes up once a month LOL!

Anxiety, still there.  But I’m not sure what I can do about that.  I did go and see the doctor, who by the way, totally sucked!

What came out of the appointment was, getting 2 blood tests for things which I am confident are not the issue(not that he listened) Being my TSH levels(that’s related to my thyroid function) which have been stable for months are most likely still stable and my iron, which is likely perfectly fine, as I take iron tablets and eat plenty of iron rich foods.  I am annoyed that I feel like the doctor really didn’t listen to me.  As, apparently, adrenal fatigue can be an issue with Hypothyroidism and I mentioned that and asked if it could be that, he ignored me.  Kept telling me off for the fact I brought my 2 kids with me to the appointment.  Bit bloody insensitive and unprofessional if you ask me!  And all he did, well in my eyes anyway, is make a referral to get funding for mental health related visits, which is fine, but I wanted that to cover this visit I just had.  As there are options on the form you give the doctor for mental health related visit.  But no, he circles GMS(general medical services) instead.  I really feel like he spent the whole time telling me how inappropriate it was to bring my children and no time really addressing my needs.  As I came away from the appointment with a $43 bill, which he could’ve covered under the mental health funding and a blood test, which is probably pointless.  Nothing for my anxiety.  Which I emphasized is more and more of an issue for me and that I need some other option for meds, due to my sensitivity to the usual ones.  I feel like he put it in the too hard basket and just did as little as possible.  I did contact the Practise Nurse to discuss all this, but she still hasn’t called me back.

I went to an anxiety/depression support group last weekend, which I found quite good.  It’s always comforting knowing you are not alone in your struggle.

I have found, the more social I am, the better my mood.  So, it is very hard for me when I’m not able to be social for some reason and that always effects my moods.

Sophie is away at Otaki Health Camp for 4 1/2 wks.  I do miss her most at night.  It is going to really hit me after a while, having her away for so long.  But I do intend to go visit her while she is up there.

I was having a bit of a laugh to myself internally recently when I went to a social thing and was observing have fake some people can be.  The way they act and talk and their little act.  I personally find that damn hilarious!  And when I observe several people doing this, I’m just quietly laughing away to myself.  I guess, because my friends are not fake people and they don’t put on such acts and I personally am very ‘real’ as a person.

I think it is important to be genuine and be yourself at all times.  As, people don’t want to see a try-hard or someone who feels the need to act like someone else to impress.  People like to see the real you.  I find fakers make me feel a tad uptight.  While they are amusing to watch.

I just want to say, I really do appreciate the support of my friends online and some offline too, who ‘get’ me and support me.  I would be lost without you all!  And even if some of these people don’t follow my blog, I still acknowledge them too.  I really appreciate these invaluable people in my life.

In other news.  I have just started day 1 of the Atkins diet.  Doing fine so far, but it’s only 9:23am.  Hopefully I can last the day and maybe a few weeks.

I was just so over not getting to my goal weight.  And I know Atkins works for me.  As it has in the past.  It’s just, I often lack the willpower to stick at it.  As, naturally when you are restricting carbs, you therefore crave them even more.

Anyway, that is all for now.  Think I will ring and try talk to the Practise Nurse again and have a moan LOL!