Wow, it’s December already! I just clicked on my calender to see today’s date and discovered that. I often am not fully aware of exactly what date it is. I seem to have a pretty shocking short term memory due to my mental health. It gets especially worse when I get stressed. I have trouble making decisions too. It’s really bad. I’ll go to the supermarket wanting to buy some chocolate and due to my decision making be so ridiculously shocking, I’ll spend nearly 1/2 an hour there. Because I just can’t decide. And the more choices there are, the harder it is to make a decision. I have the same issue selecting a dvd. The only time getting a dvd is easy, is if I’ve watched the trailer and have decided that is the dvd I want.

My review at CMH(community mental health) on Wednesday highlighted to me yet again how bad my short term memory is. The psychiatrist asked how the weeks had been since my last review and before I had that distress last Friday and I honestly didn’t know and couldn’t answer the question. She has decided to up my dose of Venlafaxine(effexor). So I’ll be on 3 tablets, which is 225mgs per day.

I can’t remember if I have mentioned that I created a meet up/support group last year. Well anyway, I did, it’s called Like Minds Support and it’s to support others with mental health issues and meet up at times. I managed to finally organize my first meet up event and 2 people came. It was really nice to meet them and great to be able to share our experiences. It’s nice being around people who understand. It feels good.

I watched a few dvds this week. One I watched was so ridiculously crap. The rest were good. I watched ‘Disconnect’, which is such a good movie and then ‘This is the End’, which is a comedy and SO damn funny! And last night I watched ‘Fast & Furious 6’. I personally love those Fast & Furious movies. I’m a bit of a car enthusiast. I particularly like american muscle cars and some japanese cars, like the one’s in those movies. I also rather like what would be considered teen movies. I guess it’s because I’m young at heart, even if I am 34.

Well anyway, I’ve run out of things to write about for now, so I’ll go find a jigsaw to do online. Til next time.

Big Hearts