Being all of 158cms, 5ft2, is not helpful when you have a small frame and are carrying extra weight. It also makes it very easy to be deemed overweight. That’s according to the BMI. Which I shouldn’t let bother me, it’s a general guide, but it really does bother me!

I want so desperately to be at least a size 10, though I’d prefer size 8, I can settle for 10.

I had a bit of a meltdown regarding how I feel about my body earlier. Changed my top like 6 times, maybe more. As everything was showing my belly size(and it’s not a good thing) and just either clinging to all the wrong areas or just making me look pregnant. I’m not pregnant!

So I resorted to putting on tights/pantyhose, to try flatten my belly some and a corset. Looks a little better, but I know what it looks like without the help.

So feeling pretty crappy today.

Not helping me that Annabelle being difficult today and makes be anywhere but home or someone’s home a nightmare! Then you get the rude people at the mall staring(very obviously) while my toddler is packing a tantrum. All I can say, is that teenager is very lucky my PMS has worn off!

Ok, that’s all for now. Sophie has Brownies enrollment day today, so just waiting for 4:30pm to take her.