This is at least 1 post that does not consist of anything related to my depression.

So yeah, I am a Loom Addict.

It’s funny how it starts. It started with my oldest daughter coming home and showing me her loom bracelets and then I became curious about these loom bands. Eventually I brought a kit and started making my own and gradually I added different types of loom bands to my collection.

I am absolutely fascinated by the skills of kids these days! They are so talented and they can make all sorts of amazing things with loom bands and often without the loom board. So clever!

I will attach some photos of the ones I have made. Honestly though I have followed instructions at all times and with the more complex ones watched Youtube tutorials. It’s interesting as an adult being taught how to do something by a 7 year old on Youtube.

It is fun I must confess.  It is one of the very few things these days that I can enjoy doing.  And I feel a sense of pride and achievement when I’m finished.