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Well, the 30 Plus tablets have started to kick in, so that’s great!

Yeah still a bit sensitive, but that’s just to do with that women’s issue that comes up once a month LOL!

Anxiety, still there.  But I’m not sure what I can do about that.  I did go and see the doctor, who by the way, totally sucked!

What came out of the appointment was, getting 2 blood tests for things which I am confident are not the issue(not that he listened) Being my TSH levels(that’s related to my thyroid function) which have been stable for months are most likely still stable and my iron, which is likely perfectly fine, as I take iron tablets and eat plenty of iron rich foods.  I am annoyed that I feel like the doctor really didn’t listen to me.  As, apparently, adrenal fatigue can be an issue with Hypothyroidism and I mentioned that and asked if it could be that, he ignored me.  Kept telling me off for the fact I brought my 2 kids with me to the appointment.  Bit bloody insensitive and unprofessional if you ask me!  And all he did, well in my eyes anyway, is make a referral to get funding for mental health related visits, which is fine, but I wanted that to cover this visit I just had.  As there are options on the form you give the doctor for mental health related visit.  But no, he circles GMS(general medical services) instead.  I really feel like he spent the whole time telling me how inappropriate it was to bring my children and no time really addressing my needs.  As I came away from the appointment with a $43 bill, which he could’ve covered under the mental health funding and a blood test, which is probably pointless.  Nothing for my anxiety.  Which I emphasized is more and more of an issue for me and that I need some other option for meds, due to my sensitivity to the usual ones.  I feel like he put it in the too hard basket and just did as little as possible.  I did contact the Practise Nurse to discuss all this, but she still hasn’t called me back.

I went to an anxiety/depression support group last weekend, which I found quite good.  It’s always comforting knowing you are not alone in your struggle.

I have found, the more social I am, the better my mood.  So, it is very hard for me when I’m not able to be social for some reason and that always effects my moods.

Sophie is away at Otaki Health Camp for 4 1/2 wks.  I do miss her most at night.  It is going to really hit me after a while, having her away for so long.  But I do intend to go visit her while she is up there.

I was having a bit of a laugh to myself internally recently when I went to a social thing and was observing have fake some people can be.  The way they act and talk and their little act.  I personally find that damn hilarious!  And when I observe several people doing this, I’m just quietly laughing away to myself.  I guess, because my friends are not fake people and they don’t put on such acts and I personally am very ‘real’ as a person.

I think it is important to be genuine and be yourself at all times.  As, people don’t want to see a try-hard or someone who feels the need to act like someone else to impress.  People like to see the real you.  I find fakers make me feel a tad uptight.  While they are amusing to watch.

I just want to say, I really do appreciate the support of my friends online and some offline too, who ‘get’ me and support me.  I would be lost without you all!  And even if some of these people don’t follow my blog, I still acknowledge them too.  I really appreciate these invaluable people in my life.

In other news.  I have just started day 1 of the Atkins diet.  Doing fine so far, but it’s only 9:23am.  Hopefully I can last the day and maybe a few weeks.

I was just so over not getting to my goal weight.  And I know Atkins works for me.  As it has in the past.  It’s just, I often lack the willpower to stick at it.  As, naturally when you are restricting carbs, you therefore crave them even more.

Anyway, that is all for now.  Think I will ring and try talk to the Practise Nurse again and have a moan LOL!

YAY! I can blog again!

So recently internet and phone was cut off and I could mostly handle no internet, as I could go on facebook and check emails on my phone, just couldn’t do much else. But the no phone bit, damn, that was not cool.

So, my thyroid has been playing up again and just awaiting blood test results. As when my thyroid function is under what it should be, I get symptoms similar to depression. I get the worst PMS! People, stay away from me when I’m having a bad day with my PMS, I tell you, I am evil! So can’t be fun to live with me. Poor Braiden, Sophie & Annabelle. So with my thyroid function being as it is, I get moody, depressed, tired, irritable, lose a lot of hair, have dull, crappy looking hair, skin looks like crap, I feel like crap and weight loss gets screwed with, even when I strictly stick to 20 gms of carbs a day. So in fact, some days when weight sound being falling off, it’s either not budging or adding on, not by much, but still. Formally when I’d done the atkins diet, before my thyroid problem, it worked wonderfully, and I got down to my desired size and weight quite soon. Not happening presently.

Did a bit of boredom eating last night, but not too badly. But the rest of the day I ate well.

Things are getting better with regards to some bills, but we still owe money to friends and family, so once that is paid, that’ll be a relief.

I feel really weighed down when we have debt that needs to be paid either now or soon. Makes me feel quite anxious and stressed.

On another subject. I like that I have at least 1 friend to visit. But I really wish people would come visit me. I know people love the comfort of their own homes, as do I. But it’s just a nice feeling when people want to come visit me.

I must admit, I’m not overly keen on Braiden’s parents sometimes or his sister. I get annoyed that they spend nearly all the time we spend at their place, on their computers and/or telling Annabelle not to touch everything. I mean, for goodness sake, you have grandchildren now who are young, adapt and child proof some! Instead of making us feel anxious about visiting. And maybe, just come visit for the hell of it and not when you want something.

Oh the family matter, I do really, really miss mine. They just live all over the place and I can’t afford to visit. Mum is in Australia, my older sis is in Auckland and my younger sis is in Nelson. It’s really hard for me having them so far away.

Oh and I still think certain people on Ohbaby are clique, but I’ve dropped the subject on there, but I still see the cliques and by some of the very people who get all defensive about it. One word HYPOCRITES! And I’ll admit, I had rather a laugh, when one of these people posted a whole page on their blog, about cliques! Hmm, so she says they don’t exist on Ohbaby forums, when I’m being picked on for saying so, then she writes a big post on her blog, that’s so hypocritical!

Back to the weight loss. I’ve only really lost 2.6 kgs since I’ve been trying to lose weight. But I guess when you are smaller, it is a bit more stubborn at leaving. Just, damn, can’t the weight stop disappearing from my boobs! I don’t want them any smaller! And man, can my thighs hurry up and lose some! They are huge! The problem is, when I have extra weight on, it’s not in proportion, so it’s more obvious and therefore, makes me feel crap about myself.

Ok, run out of things to say for now, need to go make myself some lunch…at nearly 2pm! Oops!

another post…

Right, so older daughter is home and she’s mostly well-behaved.  But my issue is the baby.  She’s being really difficult.  She nearly always hates her nappy being changed so struggles, turns over, moans, screams and this stresses me the hell out!  Twice now I have smacked her and that not cool!  First time I smacked her leg and intently felt like crap for doing it and yesterday I smacked her bum.  Then felt terrible again.  I mean she’s just a baby, even if she is being difficult and she doesn’t deserve to be smacked.

I’m just so over so much at the moment.  I’ve been drained, unmotivated and feeling like craps for ages.  My thyroid has become less active again and I’m not as yet seeing any result from uping my tablets for that.  I wake up every morning feeling tired and not wanting to get out of bed and I feel like I’ve never had enough sleep.  First I was unwell, then got conjunctivitus and then starting losing my voice and then got a nasty cough.  Argh!  Will it ever end.  I am so sick of feeling so tired and emotional!

My friends offically suck!!!  They don’t visit me, contact me and when one of them does and I tell her how shit I feel, she doesn’t reply or anything and I know she’s read my email.  Really, she is my best friend, why the hell can’t she act like it!!!  It seems as I get older, I realise more and more how selfish and self-centred many of my friends are.  I just wish they could be caring and compassionate and put a bloody effort in.  But oh well, I can always make new friends.  It’s just really hard actually gaining new friendships and scary making new friends.  I worry that I’ll get rejected as for some reason they won’t like me.

My baby has been making breastfeeding really hard lately.  Don’t know what she is doing, but my nipples keep ending up cracked, dry, split and bleeding.  Yesterday when she latched onto one side it was agonising and I just starting crying and feeling like crap and a failure.  I want to breastfeed for a bit longer yet, but it’s so painful!  I’ve been doing everything I can to help my nipple heal, even giving her formula sometimes, but they still end up damaged and we can’t afford to put her of formula full time.  Plus breastfeeding is free and convenient.

I’ve been very teary lately.  I was crying earlier, but can’t remember why now.  Oh, I remember why, it was because my baby is stressing me out with making nappy changes a big struggle and for some reason, this made me really upset.  So while I fed her I was sitting there with tears streaming down my face and thinking, I wish life was easier, I wish we had no money problems, I wish we could win lotto, I was I was happy and everything was just good.

I want to lose weight, but am having trouble with attempting to exercise as I’m always so tired.  I think I’d feel better if I was smaller.  Plus I have so many clothes I just don’t fit.

I really miss my family, as they all live elsewhere, like Australia, Nelson, Christchurch and Nelson.

It’s so hard when the only person I have to talk to about my issues, day, feelings is my partner.  I need someone else to vent to.  It not fair for him to be the only one I can talk to.  No-one from PND support has rung me for over a month!

Right that’s all for now.

hmm, now that I’ve gone to the effort of creating a blog, I’ve gone a little shy and wonder where to start on sharing my history/journey.

Right, so I guess I’ll start with some history.  I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand in on 19th March 1979.  I was planned and my parents were married.  They were great parents.  At some point we moved to Mackay, Australia.  Over there, my Dad was involved in an accident.  He was on a motorcycle and was hit by a cane truck.  He died at the scene.  So my Mum moved us, myself and my older sister back to N.Z some time after.  He died at age 26 on 5th November(Guy Fawkes) 1980.  So naturally we didn’t celebrate Guy Fawkes due to this.

So my mother was left to raise myself and my older sister alone.

I lost my granddad(my fathers dad) when I was 12, which was very hard for me, as I was very close with him.  I was clearly very effected by this, as I have no recollection of going to the funeral, which, up until I was 25, I had believed I didn’t attend, until informed by my older sister I was in fact there.  Apparently I was quiet the whole funeral and blank, expressionless and people thought that seemed strange, that I didn’t display any emotion.  I still to this day, can not recall the funeral at all.

Very glad I still have 1 grandma left, my dad’s mum, as I will so miss her once she is gone.  I am so glad to have an awesome step-dad and my mum is the best mother ever.  I hate to think, that one day, they too will not be around, but this is just the reality of life.

I have a major fear of death, which is probably a result of losing many relatives early in their lives and my life.  I used to regularly have major panic attacks, to the point of nearly throwing up and choking and having trouble breathing.  Presently, I have that anxiety under control.

The first time I experienced depression was at 17, when my boyfriend at the time dumped me.  It was my first proper relationship and he said we’d be together forever and have kids and stuff and being young, I believed him.  So when everything was going fine and he just suddenly ended it, it came as quite a shock.  For the first time, I felt depressed.  Looked up at the tallest tree and thought to myself, I want to be up there, jumping off and ending things right now!  It’s like my whole world came crashing down.  I don’t think at that age, I had the maturity to realise, things don’t always last forever and people’s feelings change.

As a result of this relationship ending, I developed some trust issues and tended to self-sabotage all the good relationships I had and stay in bad relationships.  It’s like, I sabotaged the good ones, just in case I got hurt, or just in case the guy found out who I really was and rejected me.  Yup, clearly I had major self-esteem issues and had mega low self-confidence.  And with bad guys, I knew the outcome, so I’d just stay, because I knew things would end and I would be doing the ending of things.

Little girls really need their fathers.  There has been studies done, that saw girls with no father present or a neglectful father, tend to suffer low self-esteem and seek male approval so much and will sleep with men simply to feel wanted and some form of love/affection.  This was true of me.  I would simply go there and do that, to feel loved.  Eventually I worked out I was just being used.

Unfortunately in my teenage years, I was raped on 3 different occasion within 1 year, by different guys.  The first time I self-harmed, was after this first happened.  It’s always people you know strangely enough.  That’s the sad thing.  So as a result, I would often sleep with guys, because I didn’t want to get raped again and I figured if I just said yes, I can’t risk being raped again.

I used to self-harm a lot in my teenage years.  It made me feel numb, which helped.  It’s like, I’d do it as a cry out for help, but then I wouldn’t want people to know I’d done it, after the fact.

I think my depression came from many things.  Genetics, there is a lot of mental illness in my families history, life events, such as losing my dad, granddad, being raped.

I have been depressed much of my life since it started.  It sux!  I always wished it would just get cured and never come back.  But it always does.  It’s so draining and such a burden.  And you always feel like such a burden to people in your life, for being depressed.

Some of my depression is affected by my body image.  I tend to get extra depressed when I’m not happy with my body.  Especially since having children.  I did have some Bulimia when I was in my early 20’s.  I had a controlling boyfriend who pretty much spent 2 years telling me I was fat, though I wasn’t.  So I would binge and purge.  I didn’t stop until I moved out and my new flatmates kept noticing my throwing up.  There is only so many times you can say it’s because you’ve drunk too much, before they start to suspect it’s not that.  So it was pretty hard for me watching my changing body when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  I would have to just remind myself it was ok that I was gaining weight.

I had some pre-natal depression with my first daughter.  At times I would be happy to be pregnant.  At other times I would hope something would go wrong and I’d miscarry and other times I would feel terrible for thinking like that.  I would worry I would despise and/or hate my baby, if it was too much like it’s dad.  As when I ended things with my daughters dad, I was 5 weeks pregnant and I despised and hated him by the end of our relationship.  He was not a nice guy and played mind games all through our relationship and really messed with my head.  He was also violent at times.  Though I must say, emotion abuse is so, so much worse to me then the physical was.  By the end of my pregnancy I was happy to soon be meeting my baby.  But by the time I was in labour, like most women, I was freaking out and wishing to rewind and stay pregnant for a few more weeks or months.  I was very angry at everyone apparently, while I was in labour and swearing a lot!  I had trouble at times with my bond with her, but not all the time.  I was a solo mum for most of her life, except the odd periods, when I had a stable relationship and man in my life.  But I didn’t have anyone long term til I was 26 and I’m happy to say, I’m still with that partner.  I did try having a relationship a few times with my first daughters dad before I met my partner, but that never worked long term.  Her father is quite unpredictable, unstable and messed up.  I often found myself attracted to that type of person.  As I like to fix people, so I’d be attracted to wounded souls.

I’ve never attempted suicide thankfully, though I have felt like ending things seriously at least twice in my life.  Thank GOD(literally) that I never tried.  I once was praying desperately to GOD to let me just end things, but he wouldn’t let me.  And I truly thank GOD for that.  This was in my early 20’s.  The last time I felt like I wanted to seriously end things, was in late 2010 and I was thinking in my head of how to do it.  Then I woke up to my ideas and thought, what the hell am I thinking?!!!  Both my daughters were at home and how dare I think like that and how selfish am I for thinking that!  I do thank GOD I have children.  That is probably the one thing that has actually stopped me from ending things.  The fact that, no matter what, I don’t trust anyone to look after them like I do.

I feel I have come a long way with regards to healing and growing as a person.  I used to be very jealous, possessive, un-trusting, paranoid, desperate and obsessive in my relationships.  Now I am a healthy amount of jealous LOL and trusting.  I think meeting the right person helps a lot though.  Plus, being single much of my first daughters early years, has helped and I spent a lot of time while I was pregnant wit her and afterwards working on myself and getting myself sorted mentally and emotionally.  I did like that I didn’t have her father in her life, as that was a bad relationship and that is something a child should not experience.  Plus I had ALL my love, affection and attention to devote to her.  Though I totally understand the part of PND(postnatal depression) where you feel lost/loss of yourself, after becoming a Mum.

I was thinking, as I was contemplating writing this post, about sharing my current PND and how that happened and why and a few things that never occurred to me, about why, have now come to mind.

Ok, so before I got pregnant, while we were trying, I got severely depressed when thinking about taking a HPT(home pregnancy test) and the possible positive result and then I felt haunted, due to having a termination back in 2006 before I met my partner.  Some history on that.  I was led to believe my a nurse, that due to an infection, I may not be able to get pregnant in the future or have trouble, so not knowing I was pregnant at the time, was very distraught by this.  I had thought I was infertile due to hooking up with my ex, whom I have first daughter with for 6 weeks and not becoming pregnant.  So on a couple of occasions while I was single, I had not used protection, believing I was infertile.  So when I found out a week after nurse told me I may not be able to have more babies or have trouble, that I was pregnant, it was a BIG shock.  I remember taking the test and saying “NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!, “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!”  This was not supposed to be happening!  So I had a very hard decision to make.  Told both the prospective fathers and of course, they were never ever keen to be involved and both wanted to to terminate.  It was such a hard decision, as I was so anti-abortion and it was against my beliefs as a Christian.  But I thought about the fact I’d taken a few party pills and drunk a lot and my mental stability and doing it alone and so many things and decided a termination was best.  As I could not mentally handle being pregnant and having a baby to an unknown father and my mental health would’ve suffered badly and my daughter would’ve had a very screwed up, unstable mum.  The people I did tell at my church all judged me.  So I thought I’d accepted this decision once I’d gone through with the operation and had some counselling, but then I got severely depressed and would often want to crash my car at full speed into things and often wanted to kill myself.  So I thought I was finally mostly healed from doing this and discovered I really wasn’t when we were trying to conceive my youngest daughter.  I started feeling like I was so selfish, like it was not fair for me to even get pregnant, like a terrible person, that how the hell can I deserve the chance to get pregnant when I’d done such a selfish thing and feeling so, so terrible for that baby I’d terminated and got so, so depressed and had to go on medication again.  I guess I’ll never be ok about doing what I did, but that is ok.

So once I was over that, things seemed fine and though pregnancy was draining and I was really sick at the start, I was really happy to have a baby on the way and so happy to have a partner this time to share this with.

Labour this time went naturally and though it was scary, I’m really proud of myself for doing it with no pain relief(though at the time I was freaking out!)  My youngest was only 2 days late, 12 minutes of pushing, 1 hour 42 minutes established labour and a water birth.  My oldest, well she was 11 days late, 26 hours labour, fully induced, posterior, not engaged til 1 hour before her birth, had episiotomy and forceps.

Like most mothers, I felt so happy to finally meet my baby and was on cloud 9 for days, even with not much sleep, I was still happy.  Then I got the baby blues, which was fine, as I expected that, but it didn’t go away and I developed bad PND.  I would so often just want to leave everyone behind and felt like everyone would be better off without me.  Sometimes I’d want to take older daughter and go, sometimes not even her.  I felt so depressed, all the time.  And every time I’d thing, yay, I’m all better, the PND would come back, and worse.  Sleep was so important to me.  Often I just want to hide at home and see no-one and go no-where.  Other times, I found getting out and about helped heaps and just talking about my feelings really good.  But then all the social events ended and I was lonely and depressed again.

I did attend a PND support group, but didn’t get much out of it.  I found the co-ordinator made me feel like, just because I hadn’t had a traumatic labour and birth with youngest daughter, what I had to say wasn’t important.  I felt often judged by her and often when I would pause while talking, she’d just move on to the next person.  I was really glad when the group ended.  As I didn’t need to feel crap any more, as a result of this lady making me feel judged and un-important.  On one occasion I just wanted to run off and cry, but then I didn’t want anyone asking where I went and why I was upset and having to explain why.  I wasn’t on medication back then either.  At points last year 2010, I was really not coping.  I would always be grumpy and angry, my bond with older daughter would often be non-existent and I’d often want her to live with someone else full term.  I often struggled with really wanting to hurt her.  As her behaviour had gone downhill and she was pushing my buttons and I just didn’t have the control or clarity to see it was just a cry for attention.  I did lash out on some occasions I am ashamed to admit.  It took ages before my MMH(maternal mental health) lady took my thoughts seriously.  It took me saying that I really wanted to punch my daughter in the face and that I could not say whether I would or would not have done it, if I had not been driving, for her to understand how much I was not coping.  Thankfully I never did such a thing.  But it shouldn’t take getting to that point for people to take you seriously.  It also didn’t help me when I first was not coping, for my partners parents to take him away from me for nearly a whole day to help them shift, when they knew I was not coping.  I really disliked them for that.  I remember on Valentines Day, my partner hugged me and said “I love you” and all I could do, is be held and cry and it took 5 minutes for me to be able to even respond by saying the same.

I went to a second PND support group and that was so much better.  Different co-ordinator and it was great and I was on medication by then, so was feeling a lot better.  Little did I know, til just before this group, I actually have an under-functioning thyroid and that was making me feel drained, depressed, gaining weight and just making me feel crap in general.  So once I got medication for that, I started feeling better too.  A few months ago I was not coping again, so decided to up my medication and that helped.  I hated how when I was not coping I’d yell at the baby, who is just a poor baby and just be so angry at everyone and everything.  Yay to not feeling like that now.  Though of course, I do still have some times when I lose it a little, but not as often.  I read a book recently called  ‘Postnatal Moods – Emotional Changes Following Birth’.  It was really good and explained a lot.

So, what I know is before pregnancy with my youngest, the breakdown due to previous termination contributed to the PND, as did the fact that the week I found out I was pregnant, ex was in hospital after trying to commit suicide and close to not making it and my mother while on holiday in Australia, had a heart attack.  Also, before I got pregnant, partner had lost his job and we had flatmates in who screwed as over financially or wrecked their room(resulting in us losing our bond plus $350 extra).  Then while I was pregnant, last flatmates robbed us, making me feel very paranoid, fearful, anxious and on edge.  It’s so violating being robbed!  And it just seemed like we could never get a break.  Partners parents didn’t help us out at all and only visited once baby was born, if in the area!  And they live in the same city!!!  My parents in Australia put in more of an effort!  We had constant car troubles, so we always had to use spare money on car repairs instead of baby stuff.  Luckily before I had baby my partner got a job, which he still has and enjoys.  So not surprising that I developed PND.  So it seems for me, to have come down to, older daughters hard to handle behaviour, lack of money, bad things happening, isolation, tiredness, thyroid problem, previous depression, past termination, feeling lost, lack of control and like I was just existing to keep partner happy and be a mum.  Also, my partner has had trouble dealing with and bonding with my older daughter since we had our baby(the youngest) together.  He just always seemed to be telling her off, seeing only the negative and it seemed like, he’d be happier if she wasn’t around, as in not living with us.  So often I would want to leave him and despise him.  As hurting/rejecting her, hurts me.  Plus she got to the point of just hating him and never listening to him.  So his lack of interest in her, for a while, affected me and I rejected her too.  But I am over that now too.  I guess it’s hard to cope with a new baby and a suddenly, what seems like, impossible older child.  And also maintaining a relationship and making it all work.  It’s a LOT of pressure!  I was not used to having all this to deal with when it was just myself and older daughter.  It was a real shock to the system.  I wanted to say, though I had severe PND with youngest daughter, I never had any issue with bonding with her.  I think the natural birth, with no complications probably did help with that.  And maybe all the intervention with oldest daughter in labour, may have contributed to the bonding issues with her.

I did at times struggle with my confidence as a parent, after my daughters teacher expressed concerns for my older daughter and referred to me as: unemotional, unaffectionate, with no bond, neglectful and she also said, she wondered if daughter was given breakfast and/or even dinner at home!!!  Which she does.  She gets fed very well.  So knowing someone I respected and liked, thought this, was hard to swallow.  With regards to my older daughter, she has developmental delays and behavioural problems and we are in the process of getting her assessed.  So thankfully I now know, it’s not our parenting, it’s just things that are going on in her, that none of us can control.  I am happy she is very loving and affectionate and really loves her Mummy.  I know I have done a good job and no-one is perfect and we all make mistakes.

With regards to my partner.  It must be hard being a step parent and it is normal/natural to have a stronger bond with your biological child, I get that.  We will get there in the end.  Now we are getting more support outside of the home.  But damn, it took a while before we got that help.

What I’d love, is some more close friends and for people to come visit us or me.  As only one friend does and that’s not as often as she’d like, as she doesn’t live close.  The others, well they all live closer, but I have to go to them and they don’t put in much effort and having crap all money, doesn’t help, as I need petrol in the car to get to them.

That’s all for now.  Thankx for reading   🙂