Yup, I am!

I’m happy with my life. Happy with my figure. Happy with the awesome people I have in my life.

Yesterday, I went into Dressmart and tried clothes on, which I have no intention of buying, just because. And it was so much fun!!! I don’t mean to boast…much…but everything I tried on looked great. And that hasn’t happened for so long I can’t remember. Definitely been over 3 yrs since I’ve felt this happy with my body.

But damn, did it suck that I was so sick this last week! It was horrible! I was in tears many times. Simply because I felt so sick. I’ve never actually been this sick before in my life. And it was scary. I felt like I was dying. Of course I wasn’t. But damn! Being sick can be nasty. I couldn’t function at all. All I could do was sleep, throw up or the other toilet thing and I couldn’t eat a thing. The sachet’s they gave me to put nutrients back in, weren’t working. They were SO disgusting they made me throw up. Urgh! The taste!

So, next week, I’m going to try clothes on again, just for fun. I just love the boost I get when I see how nicely things fit.

I had to laugh, though others weren’t. That some friends think I am on my way to an eating disorder, or intentionally eating few calories. That’s ok, they worry. But they seemed to have forgotten how sick I have been. I haven’t been able to eat. And believe me, I wanted to be able to. I have missed food so much. It felt so unnatural not being able to eat. It made me miserable. As my body was rejecting everything, though my brain wanted to normality. But I couldn’t fight my body. I absolutely hated being so sick. I would cry so much, just begging to feel better. Please, may I never get so sick ever again!

Ok, so now for the latest picture. And btw, I don’t recommend getting so sick, which helped with the results. I’d rather have just got there on my own, without the help of Influenza & Bronchitis.