Well I’ve not written in here for almost a month. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Where things are at with me. I’ve been of anti-depressants for a few months now and feeling fine. Only time my moods go haywire is when I have PMS. Which is when I find myself, asking myself, “what the hell is wrong with me?!” Then, as usual a few days later AF(my period) appears and finally it is all explained again…til the next month.

So, I am pretty happy. Still get stressed over money, well lack of it. But who doesn’t?

I started the 30 Day Shred yesterday. And gee, I was feeling the pain this morning! But, being I want to see the results, and soon, I upped it from Level 1, to Level 2 today. Wow! How much harder it is! But it will be worth it at the end of 30 days. The results I’ve seen from other people who have done it, are amazing!

So, I keep doing the fluctuating weight thing, which is always frustrating. I am consistent, for the most part with the diet and exercise. But I seem to go up and down between certain weights. The lowest I have been so far is 58.5kgs. At the moment I’m 59.3kgs. But gee, it’s amazing how those few hundred grams can effect how clothes fit. I go between size 8 and size 9, when I go between those 2 weights.

Getting the last few kgs off is the hardest! I had read that and I now know how true that is!

It’s like, the closer you are to your goal, the more your body stalls at dropping weight.

It was DP & my 4 yr anniversary of being together a few weeks ago. Nothing happened, nothing at all. Not even sex! (I had AF)

My gosh it is annoying not having any extra commitment after all this time. I hate it! Friggen men! Well at least this one.

Here’s a pic of me last week. Finally fit a dress I’ve not fit for like 4 yrs!

So clothes on, I feel pretty good about my figure. But clothes off, different story. I still have a bit of toning to do before I’m happy.