So I had my 20 week scan on Thursday. All is good with baby and this time we are having a Boy. Which is exciting and scary. As I have been buying girls stuff for nearly 10 years for 1 daughter and 3 years for my youngest. So the whole buying for a boy thing is a bit different. I find the stuff I do like for a boy is out of my price range. I am a bit fussy. So I might have to shop around and go for unisex stuff, until I can find boy stuff I like within my price range. Unisex stuff is still pretty cute though.

I got all emotional the other day when I went to a kids shop and was looking at boys clothes. As I am so lost. It’s so out of my normal element of clothes buying. And trying to find a name, well, I am finding that super hard.

There is no possibility it’s anything other then a boy. It was quite clear, the boy bits in the scan. Not used to seeing ‘that’ in my scans.

Pregnancy and having a newborn is a scary thought. Due to my previous experience with PND(postnatal depression) with my 2nd. And I know I have struggles still, somewhat on at least a fortnightly basis, with feeling overwhelmed and depressed. So it’s fair to say I likely have AND(antenatal depression) And it’s hard feeling like this.

It’s not helping my older daughter has taken to nagging me for most of the weekend and in the afternoons, once she’s finished school. I am finding that quite distressing.

Emotions are still a bit of a mix between excitement and fear.

I don’t bother to put scan pictures up in here, as I know strange people go on the internet and steal images of scans. And being this is a public blog, I am not going to risk that.

Here’s my latest bump picture. At 20 weeks. And it’s weird, it seems to look smaller then previous weeks.

20 wks 004