Well, having unpleasant dreams is nothing new here. But last nights dream was just horrible!

In my dream my 4 year old daughter had run off and out of sight and was lost and we could not find her anywhere! All of the worse case scenarios were going through my head in this dream and it was the most horrible feeling her being lost. I felt so broken and scared and it was like all my worst fears coming true! And being my dreams are extremely lucid, I of course did not know this was a dream until I woke up.

Thankfully in my dream she did come back. But in my dream it felt like she was lost for about 2-3 weeks. OMG, just thinking about it makes me want to cry. It felt SO real!

What a relief it was when she came back in my dream! And what a relief it was to wake up and realize it was just a horrible dream!

Honestly, I think that dream may have been triggered or related to what I mentioned in my last post. About my older sister suggesting I consider worse case scenario about my oldest daughter and whether I get her back.

Oh…um, I was supposed to be going to bed…oops!