Why am I going to have a rant about ants you may be asking.

Well, there seems to be an ant problem where I am living. And it is starting to drive me crazy.

It’s like at night they come out with a vengeance and I have just had another encounter with a bunch of them.

My fiance often experiences me coming out of the kitchen going “fuckn ants! Those fuckn ants! There are so many! Bloody ants!”

I am sick of them. They creep me out!

I was in the kitchen about 5 minutes ago trying to track down every last one and squash them. Gah! So many of them! Where are they getting in?!

I will definitely be talking to my sister about them. Argh! Can not stand them much longer.

I even find them coming in the door by the varandeer.

Man, if it gets any worse, I’ll probably picture them when I close my eyes.

I know, rather random blog post. I just needed to have a rant/vent about this.

If I find any more in the kitchen tonight, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

If nothing else, this post my provide some of you some amusement at least LOL!