There are only 2 days until we move! Argh! It’s going so fast!

Ever so slightly freaking out about how soon that is!

I am most definitely feeling more anxious and stressed.

On the being bullied recently. It did ease off and the ex friend’s sister, who had also been part of the bullying, actually apologized for her part in it. So the ex friend seemed to go quiet after that. And eventually was being more pleasant. Until today.

Simply because I promoted the bands being sold to support the family of the young man who committed suicide somewhat recently and encouraged others in my community to support them by buying these bands if they could spare the money. I get this nasty text from the ex friend, saying pretty much, “who do you think you are promoting those bands. You don’t even know him or his family.” And then her sister starts calling my mobile constantly, to the point I turned off my phone much of today.

This behavior is simply ridiculous. And all because I tried to do something kind. As I know how suicide really rocks the family and friends of any person who chooses to take their life by means of suicide.

I can not understand why this person thought it appropriate to start harassing me over a kind and thoughtful gesture.

So, there is a part of me actually feeling somewhat relieved I am moving soon.

On to another subject. My sleep issues have somewhat improved. As my psychiatrist prescribed me 100mgs Quetiapine. Which has helped. Though Wednesday was a really stressful day and I ended up having major issues getting to sleep and ended up having to take 300mgs to get to sleep. Though that meant I was really tired yesterday as a side effect. Though the 100mgs worked fine last night.

Well it’s getting late, so I should get some sleep. But I will post more tomorrow maybe.