Ok, so I thought I was done with posting today, but I wasn’t it seems.

So, my frustration is this.

For the most part, I am pretty happy with my CMH(community mental health) team here in Lower Hutt. Except, I don’t like how my nurse makes me feel like I am in some way going backwards if I acknowledge or mention that I have things that I really do need to work through with therapy. And like doing a fair bit of crying isn’t productive.

I start crying, which is ok, which is healthy and then I have this feeling of guilt and persecution for it, due to this.

I mean, just because I am having a hard time and emotional, does not mean anything bad. It doesn’t mean I am going backwards or downhill. And I am quite confident in saying, I do not think I will ever go back to that level of unwellness which I experienced last year.

I acknowledge that since last August, the effect of stresses on me does tend to effect me differently, due to the adjustment disorder and that I can become distressed more easily. But with the right medication on board and the progress I have made to date, I am in a very good place mentally.

Right, that is all for today. Well at least I think so LOL!