I am struggling at the moment in my relationship. I am finding it very disheartening and upsetting that my fiancé is so resistant to communicating.

He has not said a thing to me since last night.

It feels extremely lonely in my house right now.

He just refuses to communicate with me. And that is just not healthy.

What happened last night was, our 4 year old was playing up and he got annoyed and placed her on the couch, which I thought was by using force, due to how upset she was directly after.  I came in the lounge and asked him what he did and he got shitty at me for apparently giving him a look of judgement. I said I do not agree with him using force. As that is what I assumed he had done. He then tells me to get back in the kitchen. I told him not to speak to me like that and that talking to me like that is not OK. Then I asked why he was being like that and is he becoming a prick and he said he can be if I want. I ask what is provoking all this anger and he gets pissed off and kicks the coffee table. And I tell him lashing out like that is not OK. I ended up walking away at this point, as I find that kind of outburst intimidating and upsetting.

I tried to talk to him about all this later, when he has calmed down. He accuses me of judging him. I explain why I thought he had used force, he gets annoyed again. I ask him why he is being this way and what is provoking it. He doesn’t respond. I told him how I found his outburst upsetting and empathize that he needs to start communicating with me and that it is not a healthy relationship when one person refuses to communicate. I even said if he isn’t going to make the effort, I will make it so he has to go to relationship counselling. Still, no response and it is now the next day and he still hasn’t said a word to me.

I also said to him, the only emotion I see from him is anger and that is just not healthy.

I am hating this.

I just feel so lost.