I keep wanting to write on here about various stuff, but keep lacking the motivation to put time aside to do so. As a result, by the time I have the motivation I have forgotten what I wanted to post about.

I know this much. I hate PMS! It has such a crap effect on my moods and emotions. Doesn’t help my mental health much either. So every month, I get to look forward to (sarcasm by the way) a good 10-12 days of being overly sensitive, emotional and moody. So hate this part of being a female.

I have been doing as much organizing as possible regarding the move to Nelson. I am awaiting 1 more quote regarding the cost of moving the furniture over. We are getting rid of anything we really don’t need, to keep the cost down. We plan to try have the moving date as the 1st of July.

My oldest daughter is down in Nelson at the moment staying with my oldest sister and cousins for 8 days and then with her other cousins and my younger sister for 2 days. She’s really enjoying her holiday down there.

I often lay in bed most nights, when I am supposed to be sleeping, thinking about so many aspects of my life, especially anything related to moving. Tonight I am contemplating trying to get to sleep without my medication. Though just thinking about that is already making me a tad anxious. Plus it’s only 8:31pm. So maybe I should give it a try.

I am sure I had more to write about. But my tired brain is failing to remind me. So I think I shall just attempt to sleep.

Good Night 🙂