I had my older daughter over yesterday which was nice. It always sucks when she has to go though. We had a good talk about what she wants and what I want. And we are both wanting the same thing, which is her living back with me again. She intends to talk about this to the CYFS(child, youth & family) social worker the next time she sees her. My daughter said something rather amusing about CYFS. She said they should be called “child, youth and take children away from their family”. Only funny because it’s true in our case.

She would like to come to Nelson when we move there. But I need to know how to make that happen. So I am waiting to hear back from the CYFS social worker about that. As I need to know what they need achieved to grant that.

I had been in a bit of a crap mood part of last week. I think some of it was not eating properly, part of it was stress, one of the days it was because I had forgotten to take my antidepressants that morning and I didn’t come to that realization til mid-evening and another day it was because my plans for the day fell through.

And also when I receive any mail stating that IRD(inland revenue department) are taking $17 per week directly out of my benefit, for child support, I get rather angry.

It just sucks that after all that I have been through, which was really quite out of my control and how it has made things worse for us financially. That again, more stress is put on us financially and it feels like a big slap in the face and like I’m being punished for becoming so unwell, which was totally out of control.

I just want a sense of normality back and my family all together. But the trouble with CYFS involvement is, that once they have become involved in your family and your life, it is hard to get them out of your life.

One thing that was news to me, was something that was mentioned by my CMH(community mental health) nurse at the FGC(family group conference) review. Which is that I suffer from Adjustment Disorder, among the other things I suffer from.

I’m not bothered by the extra diagnosis. I just read up on it and it better explains to me, why I feel as I do sometimes.

I have been getting some quotes from the furniture removal companies, regarding moving costs. But I only have 2 quotes so far. It’s looking to be between $820-$1200 so far. Which is a lot. It used to be cheaper, but new rules and regulations have been put in place regarding moving trucks on the ferry since I moved here 10 years ago. So much of that cost is how much it costs the moving company to put a truck on the ferry. The cost of getting ourselves and our car across on the ferry is pretty cheap. It’s between $246-$259.

I was sure I was going to write about something else as well. But have clearly since forgotten. I’m good at that LOL!