Right, so I had the FGC(family group conference) review on Monday. And it went better then I expected. So that’s a plus.

It has been decided by the CYFS(child, youth & family) FGC coordinator, to remove the condition that I am never to be unsupervised with the 2 younger children. I am allowed to be on my own with them from 3pm-5pm if my fiancé is at work. I am allowed to drop them off and pick them up from childcare. And I am allowed to go out with either of them alone for an agreed period, as long as I am fully contactable and my fiancé knows where I am. So this gives me more opportunities to prove myself capable and slowly eases back into the normality of how family life was before all of this.

Also, it has been agreed that moving to Nelson would be the best choice and we are to work towards getting the process started with regards to organizing the move. My fiancés father, who was the only family member from his side at the FGC review, was less then impressed, to put it politely, about this plan. The looks he gave my fiancé, oh they were harsh! And he was not impressed with our decision. But in the end, respected it and could see why it was the recommended choice.

But, gosh, it was extremely stressful sitting through the reaction of his Dad and I felt like crying at one point. As I don’t do so well with people who get loud and heated. Especially in the context of the stress of the FGC review alone.

I am very happy with the outcome though.

But now I have the huge task of setting things into action regarding the move to Nelson. And as you can probably imagine, there’s a lot more to do, being we will be moving from the north island to the south island. Plus the cost to move is pretty huge.

One thing some people do not consider, is how huge of a decision it was in the first place for me to even consider the Nelson option. As I have spent the last 10 years here in Wellington making all new friends and I have mainly raised my children here. And I am walking away from all of my friends by making the move to Nelson and that is hard. As I have some irreplaceable friends here and it is going to be really hard to leave them.

And socializing and having really good, genuine friends, is really important to me. But I am sure eventually I will make new friends.

My tablet battery is about to run out of charge, so I better finish my post before it does.