I know life isn’t fair, I get that. But why oh why does it have to be so unfair to me lately?

I mean, having really severe mental health issues and ending up in the psych ward for 7 days was hard enough. And still having pretty severe mental health struggles really sucks. Why does life have to be so cruel to me?!

I’m not being pessimistic or poor me. I just don’t understand why. I deserve so much better. It’s really unfair.

I am trying my hardest to distract my mind from the fact we don’t have enough money each week for food. As if I let that fact fester there in my mind, it was cause me much distress, anxiety and panic. And just writing this out is making me cry.

Things are so bad I had to put on my facebook status that I need someone to buy our baby formula for us this week. And I’ve never been in that bad of a place with money that I’ve had to do that.

That is all.