So don’t want to go to bed at any point and make tomorrow come sooner. So don’t want to do tomorrow or the whole stress of moving on Tuesday. I just want to runaway and hide from it all

Also, I want to slap my fiancé. He has not helped pack or do any of the cleaning and he has been playing either GTA 5 on the PS3 or been on his computer every spare minute. Even while looking after the baby.

I feel so unsupported and I feel he is being really f’n selfish!

I have told him how I feel and his response was, “well I’ll be doing the moving stuff into the moving truck and I’ve been looking after the baby”.

Um, hello! The baby sleeps and you don’t have mental health issues! ARGH!!!

I just want to cry and yell and scream! I feel so hurt and unsupported 😥