I must say, I find it interesting when on occasions I meet quite a large group of people who really don’t understand mental illness or have put it in a box, thinking all mental illness is the same or all who suffer from it suffer in the same way. Some of the things people express as how they see it, kind of shocks me.

Some of the opinions…. so closed minded. Like, just because someone they know suffers from it, due to apparently being selfish and everything being all about them(the sufferer), is a very narrow minded view on things and not necessarily correct.

Some people suffer, despite being quite selfless and despite being more about others then themselves.

Oh and the stigma! Which I believe is improving. But sometimes when I mention how I suffer from Mental Health issues, it’s like so taboo and people are shocked that I openly talk about it.

Hiding your Mental Health issues is not healthy. As you can’t ever get better and work through the issues, if you won’t admit they exist. Plus, I think the more the subject is talked about, the easier it will be for people who were formally silent about their suffering to reach out for help and talk about the fact that maybe they aren’t doing so well.