I have been thinking about creating a meetup group on the meetup website for a while now. But was hesitant. As there is another group on there which is similar and I didn’t want to seem like I was trying to take away from what they are doing.

But I decided, well there are only good motives for me creating this group and there is nothing wrong with having more support out there for those who suffer from mental illness. So I have done it, I have created a group.

It’s for people in Wellington, New Zealand.

Here is the link: http://www.meetup.com/Like-Minds-Support/

I must admit, I kept second guessing myself and thinking, should I bother, should I take this big step and create this group, can I handle the responsibility. So I decided ok, stop second guessing and just do it. And felt quite happy about my decision. Then lay in bed last night thinking, hmm, was it a good idea, can I handle it. Simply because I think way too far ahead and was thinking, well what happens when I’m more pregnant and more exhausted. How will I cope with it all. But I figure, I will give it a try and if I find the group just doesn’t take off after a good 6 months, I can just scrap it.

Oh, another thing, I have finally got to over 100 posts now. Yay me! I think this is post 101 if I am correct.