Yes, it is a New Year. To be fair, it has been a New Year for about 2 wks now.

I’ve not been blogging for awhile. Due to the nastiness they call morning sickness. From about 5wks til 9wks it’s was at it’s worst. Vomiting every single day, several times a day, except 1 day. It seemed to improve at 9 wks and I was like, yay, it’s getting better. But the last week, it’s been a problem again. Especially the last few days.

I had a scan at 6wks and all was good. Baby had a heartbeat of 120bpm. I have another scan at the end of this week. Which I am looking forward to. It’s just reassuring seeing baby and knowing all is fine. As, obviously at this stage, all I have to show for it, is a rounder belly, food aversion, nausea and sometimes vomiting. And to other people, they’ll still be thinking, is she a little chubby or pregnant?

It’s definitely easier to feel excited and more positive about being pregnant when I am not ill. The being ill takes it’s toll and some days I spend a bit of time in tears. Usually also very irritable due to lack of nutrients.

So, my mental health, I think is ok. It does get low when I am isolated and has got low at times in the last few months. More so last week. As I had only seen 2 friends since I found out I was pregnant. One I saw about 8 wks ago and the other about 6 wks ago. So I was feeling pretty lonely and down. And frustrated, as it’s school holidays, so the kids are both at home. And though I love my fiance, seeing your immediate family every day and no friends, does get old.

At points I was very behind with the housework and feeling very frustrated that my fiance was on holiday for 3 wks and he only helped once and he slept in every day and I never got to. That would annoy anyone non-pregnant. So it bugged me even more being pregnant and hormonal. Got so over the amount of time he spent on his computer. I did well though, only actually bitched about it once in 3 wks.

I was watching some good video’s clips on mental health, on the TED website. I’ll go see if I can find the links.

This one was quite good:

As was this one:

And also this one:

There’s a lot of really good talks on there on all sorts of subjects.

I’ve found some of the posts on facebook on the mental health type groups quite helpful and inspiring and encouraging. There are some good one’s on The Nutter’s Club. Here’s there page:

And a couple of others on facebook:

Ok, enough links I think. I find them quite helpful anyway.

Right, feeling a bit tired. That will be all for today.

Oh forgot to add, my thyroid is now over-active, which is resulted in the being more sick. But on the plus side, only 2.5kgs gained at 10wks + 4 days pregnant is pretty good.

Oh and if anyone is interested, here’s pic of my expanding belly.