I have watched a few movies on the subject and a fair few YouTube clips on the subject.

I really makes me sad.

I think, man, I thought bullying was harsh back when I was in school. But really, that was nothing compared to what kids and teenagers and other people are subjected to or have been subjected to these days.

These days, being so the technological age, bullying has so many different mediums. There’s text, voice messages, posting, forums, social networks and probably other avenues. As well as, for those in school, it spilling over into verbal abuse.

Makes me a bit concerned as a parent. As, naturally I want to protect my children and never want them to be subjected to such things.

The one time my older daughter told of a boy bullying her, just once, that really upset me. He said “you’re brain damaged” and she was like “what’s brain damaged?” and he responded “you”

So I told the teacher about this. Though naturally, I’d like to have had words to this boy and there hasn’t been any issues since.

But I think, on the positive side, at least she feels she can talk to me about this. As it seems, some kids and teens just don’t tell their parents.

The consequences of bullying, those people doing the bullying really have no concept of. As, kids who have been bullied, are at higher risk of suicide or suicide attempts, more likely to self harm and at high risk of developing mental illnesses.

What is screwed up though, is the people who do know the consequences and for some sick reason, try and provoke unhealthy behaviour from the person being bullied. These screwed up people get kicks out of it!

It’s quite a scary time to be bringing up children.

As I sometimes think of these things and feel like, oh, I wish I could just keep my kids home and never send them to school, to avoid the possibility of them being subjected to such things.

But no, they do need an education.

I just think, as a parent, I have such a big responsibility and how do I do it right(or at least attempt to) and help mold my children in a way, that if they do experience bullying, they don’t go down the wrong path, or self harm or attempts of suicide. How do I instill the right amount of confidence and self assurance?

I am so saddened when I hear of the teens or children who just couldn’t take the bullying anymore and either regularly self harm or commit suicide.

The world, these days, is a very messed up place.

I have only at one point in my life been subjected to cyber bullying and this was on an online forum and a parenting forum at that. And because many of these types know these sites are moderated, they do more of it privately, as in via private messages. There was a bit of it publicly though. It just got too much and myself and others who supported me and stood up for me, in the end had to ask for my thread to be deleted.

Interesting that, you create a thread about a relevant subject, one that effects a lot of people, in hopes to bring light to the subject and hopefully inspire change in a positive way and how nasty people can get in response. I think these people are often referred to as keyboard warriors. They hide behind their online persona.

I personally would never and have never used the internet to attack others. Vent maybe, but never attack and pull down. Makes me pretty proud to be the person I am.