I am feeling like, I have no energy and I certainly do not have any motivation.

I’m so very over feeling low, unmotivated and depressed.

Like, what the hell and why the fuck do I still feel this way?!

I’m over it!

I see no good reason for it. I want this to end, now! Why can’t it just?

It’s really doing my head in. As I see no good reason why it is continuing.

I am, as I feel at present, so over my life. Not in a suicidal way. Just in a, it’s so boring and mundane, kind of way.

I am lacking interest in anything. Nothing is holding or maintaining my interest.

Being a parent is hard, being a partner is hard.

Doing, what seems like the same shit, everyday is lame.

I try to mix it up, but at the moment I am so dissatisfied with everything.

Even seeing friends and spent time with them, chatting and venting is not helping. As, it usually does.

Why is nothing working?

The usual formulas to get my head right, are not working.

This is bloody frustrating!

Stupid bloody depression!

You, you are not my friend! Go away, you big black dog. Stop following me. Stop making yourself at home in my life and in my head. Just go!

I’m not going to be all like, poor me, nobody gets me or understands me, even if I feel like that. As I know that’s not true. Way too many people get it and that’s sad that so many of us suffer.

I’m just incredibly frustrated as you can tell. As the usual strategies aren’t working.

Over it aye. It’s very draining feeling low for this long.

It crept up on me and took me by surprise and I’ve not managed to overcome it as yet.

Hurts my pride a little to be honest.

I keep thinking, oh I’ve worked out the source or sources, so in theory, shouldn’t the fact that I’ve acknowledged them help me move on and in theory, shouldn’t I be better by now.

I’m lost as to what to do.

I’m addressing the sleep issue, my diet is good, I got some exercise, I have seen a few friends, I have talked it out, written it out, I’m trying to stay calm and avoid stress. So yeah, not sure what more I can do.

A holiday would be great 🙂