Why, even after me venting and exploring my feelings and letting them out on here, did my mood still dip even more?

I’m taking it easy, I’m trying to just relax. I’m trying to cut out any stress.

But still, stress keeps coming up.

I am really struggling to cope.

My toddler is just being so difficult. And I’m trying to avoid any battle of wills with her. But still, they happen.

How I felt earlier was, I hate my life, I’m just over it.

This is not good. That is too low.

Then, I wanted to cut my wrists. But didn’t, as who would look after my girls.

Thank GOD, literally for the fact that I have children. Without them, I’d have given up long ago.

I am so blessed to have children and they are my saving grace.

I have now called the Mental Health Crisis line twice in 3 days.

But, at least, I am reaching out for help and that is something.

As I know, they are there 24/7. And if I’m really not coping, I can call them and they listen and are so great to talk to.

Gosh, this is likely one of my shortest ever posts. But that’s all I have to say.