Sometimes I resist sharing how I am truly feeling, due to the emotions that come up. And, when you’ve been crying a lot, the one thing you’re not so keen on doing, is crying more.

Depressed. That I am.

I keep feeling like a big fuck up. Like all I am doing lately is fucking up.

Friendships ending. Feeling unsupported. Feeling like I want to escape.

Need to escape, need time out. But feel I have nowhere to escape to.

Sick of feeling like a fuck up. Sick of feeling depressed. Sick of feeling hopeless.

Sick of being stuck at home and over not having any social contact for 2 weeks or so.

My toddler I am finding hard to handle, due to my low mood. I have had enough on a daily basis.

I’m over, just about everything on a daily basis.

And I am doing my very best not to eat my emotions. As in, eat bad food, because of how I am feeling emotionally. As I don’t want to feel like shit, if I do that, due to guilt and weight gain.

My tooth pain is still hanging around. But is improving. So that’s been exactly 2 weeks of tooth pain. Grr!

My appetite is crap. My stomach is still feeling a bit sensitive. But on the plus side, I have lost some weight.

Got my navel pierced a few weeks ago. But really hate how my belly looks, so won’t be showing it off any time soon.

Still really sad about losing my close friendship.

I hate feeling so hopeless.

But, my darling toddler is being cute at the moment and giving me much needed cuddles.

I don’t get cuddles much from friends.

But honestly, I don’t give out many cuddles either. As, for some reason I feel weird about affection. I think due to never getting affection growing up and also having a fiance who only gives affection if he wants to get some(have sex). Yes he kisses me when he goes to work or I go out, but that’s it.