It’s more common then you’d think.

It’s a very hidden, private thing.

For those of us who do it or have done it, it may be a source of shame.

We try to hide it.  As we feel people just wouldn’t get it, couldn’t get it or something worse, they might label us crazy or some similar label/judgment.

Often it’s a form of self punishment.  But why? …

As often it is as a response to something that someone has done to us.

It’s serves as a reminder, of that wrong that was done to us. But why I ask are we punishing ourselves for what another has done? …

I know for me personally, it was always a reaction to a wrong someone had done to me. And it wasn’t til my wise 30’s, that I worked out that.  After coming to the realization of when this behavior started. 

Which was after an event, that sadly, way to many women have experienced.   That being Rape.

But how is it fair I ask, for us to be punishing ourselves for the wrongs of others? …

It’s really not. That is giving them power they do not deserve!

I think I no longer self-harm, because I unconsciously do not see the sense of punishing myself for others mistakes or wrongs.

I am in control now.  I have the power and no-one gets to take that away from me ever again 🙂

So that’s my thoughts on that.