So, I just keep running out of ideas for a post name, so I’m going with the date for now.

So, I talked to the Practise Nurse and then Practise Manager, about that crappy doctor. So they agreed the way the consultation went and how he treated me was less then ideal. They gave him a talking to and reversed the charge and have me assigned to a new doctor. The PMH funding has been approved. So that will pay for 1 hour worth of doctor visits and can cover some counselling if needed. So I just need to get onto making an appointment with new doctor about the anxiety. As, the anxiety is still an issue for me. And increasingly so.

So, I’ve managed to get nearer my goal weight with the Atkins Diet. Got to 55.1kgs. But gone back up to 56.3kgs. But that is still very good. As it is still below my lowest weight previously. So, slowly I am getting there. Even if I go up and down a bit.

I have been so tired lately though. I’ve not been sleeping well. Which is probably another good reason to go to the doctor.

I’ve been getting rather over some people online and on FB. So I have deleted pretty much everyone on my friends list who isn’t either, family or a close friend and at least a friend whom I have a very strong connection with and whom I actually talk to regularly. As I don’t need drama or unnecessary, unhelpful comments. And I don’t need people being disrespectful of my view and pushing issues when I clearly state I do not want to hear their thoughts on things if it’s going to be negative or worse case scenario. And I deserve that respect, as do others. As, if someone made it clear they didn’t want to hear the worse case scenario or the negatives in response to something they were expressing, I would respect that. But I guess, we can’t all be as awesome as me LOL!

I was just getting very over reading certain comments and that making me frustrated and agitated and generally putting me in a foul mood.

I respect people have differing opinions. I just would prefer others being respectful about expressing such things.

I am looking out for myself these days. Though, yes, I do still look out for others. And I have come so far in my self development and have worked so hard on getting myself is such a good place with my thinking and attitude and general outlook. That I refuse to let drama and such, get to me or be part of my life. I don’t have the energy, tolerance or patience for that crap!

Anyway, I’m mega tired, so I really should get myself some sleep.