Well, I finally managed to get below my previous lowest weight of 58kgs. Last weigh in, I was 57.8kgs.  So me keeping my self-sabotage in check and not rewarding myself with binging, is what got me to where I’m sitting now, weight wise.  But gosh, it is so easy to trigger a binge.  I had 1 cupcake earlier this week and as a result, binged on bad food that night and the next night, going over my calories that night and hugely the night after.  I think it’s safe to say, something in those cupcakes is a reactive food for me.  Which according to the ‘False Fat Diet’ book, is a food which my body has a negative reaction from.  Not the same as a food allergy, but similar.  It’s a great book, which I personally recommend everyone read.

So, today I got up at 7am to get ready for the AMI Round the Bays 7KM Fun Run/Walk.  That for me, is a huge achievement for me, getting up that early on any day, let alone the weekend.  So I jogged most of it and walked a small part of it.  Very hard work!  I never run, I can walk for ages, but running is not my thing.  I was not prepared for that.  It was just due to the people who I ended up doing it with.  As they were running.   So after it finished, I walked another 7kms to get back to the train station.  And by then, my back was very sore, so had to go buy some Ibuprofen before catching a train.  I am SO tired tonight!  It’s 8:56pm and I’m quite ready for a sleep.

Braiden and I decided to get engaged last week.  So that’s awesome!

A bit stressed about the house being up for sale again.  As we don’t want to move, can’t afford to and it selling to someone who wants it for them and their family is quite a high possibility.  As Harcourts seem to be advertising it to appeal to first time home buyers, families, couples and that leaves us screwed possibly.

I’ve been quite tired lately, don’t know why.  As my iron is fine, as is my thyroid function.

Mostly my depression isn’t an issue.  But the moments of sadness and sensitivity came along on occasion.  Though, I’m hoping, that when I get my tubes tied at some point and no longer need hormonal contraception, I should improve.  Plus that’ll help me maintain a weight I’m happy with too.

So yeah, life is ok. But got that little stress getting me a tad down, regarding the house.