Last night, I was have some major issues with anxiety. Driving to Petone and back, in the dark, was making me highly anxious and very on edge.

By the time I went to pick Braiden up from work, I was in tears due to my anxiety and panic attacks. I just didn’t want to drive anymore.

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me lately. I’m tired, so often and emotional and angry as. Also, I feel like I’m losing my mind. An example, Braiden asked me to put $80 in the Trade Me account. Instead of me using my brain, I did put it in a Trade Me account, as in on Trade Me. It didn’t even dawn upon me, that maybe he meant the savings account, that Trade Me money goes into. Because apparently, I was supposed to be putting it in the bank account for rego, which expires in a few days. Yeah, so now, we have $80 on Trade Me, for no reason. Big oops. I did some other brainless thing last night, but can’t remember what it was. Then this morning, I went to drop Braiden to work and instead of swiping his card to open the gate at his work, I pushed the buzzer. Gosh, the people in his office must wonder what I was thinking LOL!

So yeah, losing my mind and plagued with anxiety. And now stress, due to my muck up, as rent payment defaulted.

I do wonder, if maybe I should find some expert, who listens and respects my wants and needs, to find the right meds for me. As I’m feeling a bit screwed up and I want my head right.

But, on the plus side. I won 2 free tickets to a make up show tonight, where I’ll get a glass of bubbles and a $10 voucher. Yay! And, I have fixed my computer. Yes!!! I am, so clever! Hehe.