I’m really very pissed off at Braiden right now! Seems him and his fellow work mates having been talking, or shall I say bitching and moaning about their partners. And I feel, coming up with very closed-minded and sexiest opinions.

So apparently as a SAHM(stay at home mum), I’m supposed to do everything all day, even when my partner gets home. As apparently that’s my job as a stay at home mum. So what these men think is that they are allowed to come home and not help at help with the baby or toddler or children, because their role is to work and provide. So I’m apparently not allowed to expect any help when Braiden gets home and also, apparently, I’m not allowed sleep-in’s, as I don’t deserve them, as I don’t work full time. And also, apparently my job as a SAHM is easy and it doesn’t mean anything.

So when I heard this all from Braiden I got angry and threatened to leave and he said “go right ahead and leave them”. Put Annabelle was upset that I was trying to leave and standing at the door calling my name and then Sophie came downstairs all worried, so I didn’t leave. Braiden didn’t even care that I was threatening to leave permanently. And when I brought up my depression and how hard thing get for me, he just responded with “if you keep this up, pretty soon I’ll have depression too”.

So I’m really friggen angry today, because I have to look after both the children, whether I’m tired or not, because he deserves a sleep in and I don’t! Really, really not happy right now. I’m between angry and upset. This kind of behaviour and attitude from him breeds resentment, which turns to me despising my partner and leaving. He doesn’t care though. I think, fuck him and his work mates for their attitudes about SAHM’s. He is obviously too easily influenced by other males, being he doesn’t have friends outside of work or online gaming.

So yeah, I’m not at all happy with him right now and don’t know what to do. I do not deserve this shit and lack of appreciation or acknowledgement for what I do, do.

It’s like, they are nice and sweet on the days they want sex and once they have it, we’re worthless. Gee, and I wonder why I’ve not wanted to give it up….

Fuck you Braiden! And you’re closed-minded, unappreciative workmates!