So recently internet and phone was cut off and I could mostly handle no internet, as I could go on facebook and check emails on my phone, just couldn’t do much else. But the no phone bit, damn, that was not cool.

So, my thyroid has been playing up again and just awaiting blood test results. As when my thyroid function is under what it should be, I get symptoms similar to depression. I get the worst PMS! People, stay away from me when I’m having a bad day with my PMS, I tell you, I am evil! So can’t be fun to live with me. Poor Braiden, Sophie & Annabelle. So with my thyroid function being as it is, I get moody, depressed, tired, irritable, lose a lot of hair, have dull, crappy looking hair, skin looks like crap, I feel like crap and weight loss gets screwed with, even when I strictly stick to 20 gms of carbs a day. So in fact, some days when weight sound being falling off, it’s either not budging or adding on, not by much, but still. Formally when I’d done the atkins diet, before my thyroid problem, it worked wonderfully, and I got down to my desired size and weight quite soon. Not happening presently.

Did a bit of boredom eating last night, but not too badly. But the rest of the day I ate well.

Things are getting better with regards to some bills, but we still owe money to friends and family, so once that is paid, that’ll be a relief.

I feel really weighed down when we have debt that needs to be paid either now or soon. Makes me feel quite anxious and stressed.

On another subject. I like that I have at least 1 friend to visit. But I really wish people would come visit me. I know people love the comfort of their own homes, as do I. But it’s just a nice feeling when people want to come visit me.

I must admit, I’m not overly keen on Braiden’s parents sometimes or his sister. I get annoyed that they spend nearly all the time we spend at their place, on their computers and/or telling Annabelle not to touch everything. I mean, for goodness sake, you have grandchildren now who are young, adapt and child proof some! Instead of making us feel anxious about visiting. And maybe, just come visit for the hell of it and not when you want something.

Oh the family matter, I do really, really miss mine. They just live all over the place and I can’t afford to visit. Mum is in Australia, my older sis is in Auckland and my younger sis is in Nelson. It’s really hard for me having them so far away.

Oh and I still think certain people on Ohbaby are clique, but I’ve dropped the subject on there, but I still see the cliques and by some of the very people who get all defensive about it. One word HYPOCRITES! And I’ll admit, I had rather a laugh, when one of these people posted a whole page on their blog, about cliques! Hmm, so she says they don’t exist on Ohbaby forums, when I’m being picked on for saying so, then she writes a big post on her blog, that’s so hypocritical!

Back to the weight loss. I’ve only really lost 2.6 kgs since I’ve been trying to lose weight. But I guess when you are smaller, it is a bit more stubborn at leaving. Just, damn, can’t the weight stop disappearing from my boobs! I don’t want them any smaller! And man, can my thighs hurry up and lose some! They are huge! The problem is, when I have extra weight on, it’s not in proportion, so it’s more obvious and therefore, makes me feel crap about myself.

Ok, run out of things to say for now, need to go make myself some lunch…at nearly 2pm! Oops!