And believe it or not, it’s no-one online, no-one on FB, OB or any parenting forums, it’s actual people, in Wellington, whom are in my life and they have just pissed me right off.

I’m not stupid! Stop telling me the same thing over and over! Just because I’m not ‘well-educated’ and I didn’t go to university doesn’t mean I’m any less intelligent! I am in fact very intelligent.

Don’t talk to me like a child, I am 32! I don’t do that to you, so don’t do that to me. I respect you have in opinion, but listen to me will you, when I tell you I know and I hear you and stop friggen repeating yourself. I am right, your way is right too, they both work. So I don’t need you drumming your way into me!

Ok, vent out, I’ll go have a beer now.