So, you think the PND/depression is pissing off, but nope, never totally.

Seems though, what I have worked out, is social interaction is a big thing for me and when I get very little of it, I start losing the battle again and going back to those dreaded, horrible feelings. But I mean, what can you do if no-one is available on certain days to socialize? Fact is, some people do have things on and not everyone is as available as me.

But, on the plus side, I know some awesome ladies through PND forums and groups and I have made some great friends from online forums and such. I do LOVE the internet! It’s not all bad and addictive as some people point out. Though, then again, I’d be kind of lost without it.

I want to just shout out and say HI to, Anastasia, Nicola, Lisa, Claire and whomever else reads this. Great to know you are there for me and I will always be here for you all 🙂

Right, best get out of the house, as Annabelle keeps saying ‘car’ and seems to think we need to get out of the house. Be back later to blog some more.