Simply some people have ‘researched’ something or read a lot on a subject and the think because of this, what they are stating is FACT.

The thing is, all babies ARE different and just because some people think a sudden stopping of breastfeeding is a ‘nursing strike’, doesn’t mean this is FACT in all cases.

I believe, what may start as a ‘nursing strike’ can turn into a toddler or baby self-weaning.

To be honest, I am feeling rather judged by some on an online parenting forum, regarding the fact that Annabelle is self-weaning, some women are convinced they are 100% correct and that she is just having a ‘nursing strike’ and not weaning. Their posts lead me to believe they think I am using this as an excuse to wean. Which is not at all true! I am happy as to keep breastfeeding, but Annabelle isn’t keen. Any time she expresses interest I offer her a fed and she’s just not keen. I think she prefers the lesser effort of formula, milk or water and I think it’s an independence thing. She is very grown up for her age.

Just had to vent, as certain people were pissing me off with their closed-mindedness.