Yeah, so being right is usually something we all like to be, except of course when what we are right about is something we’d prefer we were wrong about.

So, I was worried and feeling that property managers of the house we rent, were being less then honest and not letting on that landlords are looking to sell. I was so hoping that I was wrong and that this wasn’t going to happen. Well, found out yesterday afternoon, I was right and they are putting the house up for sale, which sux! As, not only will we get disrupted by having to piss off whenever they want to do an open home, but we also, are likely to have to move. As it’s not that likely that a potential buyer will want to buy it tenanted and waiting around to see if this does or doesn’t happen, gives us less time to find a place, if that doesn’t happen.

I’m really disappointed, as I really like where we live, especially because it’s the perfect place for kids, safety wise and community wise. There’s a playground here, big field, others families with kids my children’s ages and a pool. And the rent is pretty cheap. And it’s a good suburb.

We were considering for like half a day, going to Australia, but Braiden has decided against that idea.

It just sux, as we have so much debt and are really behind on the Telstra bill and I worry if we move, they won’t reconnect us at a new house, due to out hugely overdue bill. ARGH! Hate money stress!

Maybe my intuition new this big thing was coming, as I’ve been feeling really flat lately and not so happy and couldn’t work out why really. And then I got the news of this house being put on the market and I knew, that was it.

Oh and the list of stuff they want us to do for the property inspection in just under a week. It’s shocking!

Here’s the list….


-Lawns to be mowed.
-Weeds to be removed from lawn and garden beds.
-Verandahs/Patio, Garage/Carport, Driveway and Paving to be swept.
-Weeds to be removed from paving.
-Cobwebs to be removed from eaves, carports and sheds.
-Where pets are kept on the property, all animal droppings to be removed.


-Carpets to be vacuumed.
-All hard floors to be washed.
-Bathroom floor, vanity, basin, bath and shower to be cleaned.
-Bathroom glass to be cleaned (shower screens, mirrors, etc.).
-Toilet (including the seat and pedestal) should be cleaned.
-Windows to be cleaned (both inside and out). Flyscreens to be brushed.
-Dust window runners, sills, tracks and skirting boards.
-Oven, shelves, grill, drip trays and hot plates to be cleaned. Oven surround and control panel also to be cleaned.
-Exhaust fan covers to be cleaned.
-All kitchen bench tops and cupboard doors to be cleaned.
-Kitchen and Laundry sinks to be cleaned.
-Light fittings to be dusted, with insect spots washed off if necessary.
-Ceiling fan blades to be cleaned (if applicable).
-Hand marks to be removed from walls, doors and around light switches.

And the really rude thing is, that the majority of these things were not even done, when we looked at this house and before we moved in. So I think they are going pretty overboard with the requests.

So not only do I have to keep a house, they want to sell, but we want to stay in, immaculate, but we have to piss off every time they have an open home. That mainly sux, as, we don’t have that many people to visit and that much we can do to occupy several hours, while they have open homes. We only have 1 option for people to visit and if they are out, who knows what we can do…

Yeah, so, this sux! I don’t want to move, but I can’t control this unfortunately.