Why? Because someone who I consider to be important and whom I should be important too, or so I thought, totally forgot about my birthday! Because this someone seems to be way too self-involved to realize that other people exist and forgets about important things, like someone’s birthday. I mean my birthday was pretty crap as I got no pressies. I understand my partner couldn’t afford one and that’s fine, as he does plenty for me, so that’s ok. But it sux that no-one else bothers. But that’s getting older I guess. Birthdays just become less important.

This person whom I’m pissed off at, wants me to do something for them soon and I don’t feel like they deserve my help, but I’ll help, because I’m nice like that.

Ok enough about that now.

Missed out on going to my counsellor today, which rather pissed me off. As the lady who looks after Annabelle when I go, seemed to think she wasn’t needed, so booked in to look after someone else’s baby. Though I told her last week, if I don’t call you, then I still need you to come and I will call you, if you’re not needed. So yeah, that annoyed me, as I could have really have done with some counselling this week.

I’ve been quite tired and moody the last week. I think it’s partly spotting/bleeding due to the Jadelle implant and partly the initial amount of hormonal changes at the start of having the Jadelle. Hate lacking in energy so much, it makes me super irritable and not fun to be around. And sometimes when I’m down, I turn into a hermit and want to avoid people, which isn’t so healthy. Was feeling really grumpy today. I think having the ladies screw up regarding the childcare made me pretty moody. And I guess partly I’m still pissed off at someone forgetting my birthday and still not remembering. And I feel quite shaky today, like my nerves are going nuts. I needed to have a sleep this morning by 10am. I was feeling real icky and sick and not with it mentally and kinda spaced out.

Picking up Zumba dvds tomorrow, yay! I’m looking forward to having a fun time with that.

That’s all from me today.