Today, I went to my counsellor. I might have 2 more sessions left if Compass Health will give me another 2 fully funded visits. I may apply for winz to help me, but I’m not sure yet if they help out with childcare costs, so I could attend counselling.

So, I had 2 re-assessments today, regarding my depression, one that is required by Compass Health and another which is just an assessment of the scale of depression. The first one, I’ve gone from 38 to 28, so that’s good and the other one, I’ve gone from 35(severe to moderate depression), to 32 (borderline to moderate depression) so slowly they are both going down.

I really enjoy having something just for me. So I’m thankful I have been able to get some counselling. I hope to get some more. I need to work on a few areas some more. I’d like to be confident, less worrisome, less anxious, more content and I’d love to not care so much what others think.

It was a good visit. Though I found myself feeling a little down later on, afterwards. I guess I just have my low moments sometimes.

It’d be nice to say I’m over this depression, but I’m not, yet. But hopefully I will be some time soon or at least some time this year.