I think I have had 4 drinks, but being my perception is a bit messed up, I could be wrong.

It’s sad, that when I have a few drinks in me, I think I am sweet.  I can give Sophie the attention she needs and such, but only because I am a tad pissed.  It makes me wish I could feel like this all of the time.  Which is sad.  I shouldn’t have to be slightly drunk to have affectionate feelings towards Sophie.

I don’t know what to say.  Sophie is very hard work and really pushes my buttons.  She appears to thrive on pissing me off.  I do Love her.  But it’s hard to cope with her saying things like, she wants to kill me.  She seems to be very angry.  But gee, so do I.  I wish she wasn’t so into, just getting a reaction.  Whether positive or negative.

Right, best be off.  Night.