This is what my older sister just wrote to me:

“you know I have to say it’s slightly irksome to read that you spend 3 hours playing sim. I know it’s your life, your decisions and your facebook page. You just have to be prepared for other’s opinions when you put your comments in a public space. You moan you have no money to do anything, I offer you a job, you say you are too tired and don’t have time to do it, then the next day you say you spend 3 hours playing on the computer….I know you’ll probably come back and say how you never get anytime to yourself and so you like to relax when you’ve got some free time, or something to that effect…but seriously – you know I can’t actually remember when I had three whole hours to do whatever I wanted to relax. Every spare moment I have is taken up with working, trying to get my photography up and running, looking after the girls, as well as doing all the book keeping for the business, groceries, cleaning, washing, dropping willow off to creche as of two weeks ago, sorting out schools etc etc. I don’t enjoy not having any down time, but accept that if I want to have a successful life then I have to do the hard yards and stop whinging. I just don’t get you. You have to create the life you want, not wait for it to happen. I really worry that if we fast forward to ten years you’ll be in exactly the same position you’re in now unless you actually do something different. You’re doing the same things you did when we lived in Wellington four years ago, how can you expect things to get better if you don’t change anything?
the reason I say this is because I care about you and do really want you to have a good life, but I find it really really frustrating to see you not making anything of your life.
end of rant.”

Fuck my sisters are pissing me off!